Christmas Giveaway

Borland Family 2017.jpg

We are thankful for the success of the Bar SZ Ranch and all of our guests who’ve helped us reach our goals.  This Thanksgiving season we’ve reflected as a family and talked about how we could give back.  Our hearts break for all the families who’ve lost their homes in the Sonoma County and Napa Valley fires and we’d like to open up all three of our houses for the Christmas holiday.  We are looking for two families per house, both of whom lost their homes in the fires, both of whom have children. 

If you would like to nominate a friend or family member who was affected by the recent devastation we’d like to hear from you.  Please send names, ages, a short description of their story, and how a ranch Christmas would make their holiday special.

Check-in will be December 23rd at 4pm, check-out will be December 26th at 11am.  We will only fill the houses with families who can enjoy the full three nights stay.  Horseback riding and shooting will not be available, other ranch activities may be limited as well.

Please send all inquiries to  

Happy Thanksgiving to our Bar SZ Ranch family.  We look forward to seeing y’all again soon.

Tim, Michelle, Kailey, Colton, and Maddi