Will Ewe Help Name Our New Foster Sheep?


Rescue #1 (front) - This little sheep likes to stay close to his fellow companions. While he is still getting used to the guests he can be playful and a bit mischievous at times. This guy is very attentive and alert, he likes to take charge and is very fluffy!

Rescue #2 (left) - This beautiful sheep likes to be in the middle of everything. She is still a little frightened of humans and likes to be the most protected. Over the past few weeks she has begun reaching outside her comfort zone to approach guests during feedings.

Rescue #3 (back) - The biggest sheep is one of the most handsome we have at the ranch. His face has beautiful brown markings that run down to his cheek and neck and his legs are speckled with dots. He and the smallest sheep sometimes fight over being the leader. He is very smart and quick-witted.