A Rescue Success

Sister and Julie.JPG

Sister came from the SPCA of Monterey County. When the organization found her, she was belly deep in feces. Her pen was so cramped that she could not turn around. There was no door and had to be cut out from her enclosure along with four other horses. Bar SZ Ranch turned Sister's life around for the best. When she arrived at the Ranch, she had never been ridden, let alone desensitized, nor able to walk correctly. Our trainer Michelle successfully turned Sister into an adoptable horse that was ready to ride. She was desensitized and able to walk and perform like a normal, functional horse. Sister is now very happy and enjoying her new family. Thank you so much to Julie and her family for giving this beautiful mare such a great home!

While onsite you may have seen sister in the round pen for training, or out on the trails learning how to walk a straight line. Congrats to both of you and keep in touch!

Missing You Already,
The Bar SZ Rescue Team