Meet the Bar SZ Horses...

The Bar SZ stable has a horse for every rider.  Whether you love loping down the trail, jumping, or just want to walk along the countryside, our trail boss will find you the perfect match.  Many visitors come back time and time again, some enjoy the partnership they build with their horses and request them again.  Others start with, let's say, a 'slower' type of horse and gradually work their way up to a more 'energetic' horse.

And Our amazing Trainer Michelle

Michelle has a long history of working with horses which goes all the way back to her childhood.  She first began riding when she was 6 years old, and her passion for animals led her to become a riding instructor at the young age of 13.  She rode horses in both 4-H and the United States Pony Club and was fortunate enough to train with many professionals in English and Western riding.  Michelle attended both Clemson University and Cal Poly SLO where she showed horses and earned her degree in Animal Science with graduate work in Agricultural Education.  After college, Michelle was certified through Equine Growth and Learning Association (EGALA) where she worked as an Equine Specialist in therapy sessions with at risk youth and families. 

Michelle is officially a level four instructor with the Certified Horsemanship Association.  This achievement is described as being able to teach both English and Western, advanced horse management, and horsemanship theory.  She is also qualified to improve the performance of advanced riders and their horses which includes jumping courses, dressage movements, reining, and other performance events. 

Michelle is teaching all three of her children how to ride and compete, as well as a countless number of other kids.  Managing the Bar SZ ranch and teaching riding lessons is a dream come true for her.

Our Team

We have an onsite team of trainers and riding instructors who will be assisting you during your stay.  Feel free to ask questions regarding how they got started with animals and horses and what their passions and interests are.  Many of them are from the AG program at Cal Poly, or other agriculture based college programs.  Our team has broad experience, and each member's background and future goals are unique.  


The descriptions below have horseshoes next to the horse's name.  The more shoes, the more experience a rider will need.  But, don't worry, if we feel you and your horse aren't the perfect match, we will find you another.


Ω - Suitable for everyone

Duce is a very sweet and extremely mellow horse.  He is 14 years old and 15 hands high.  He loves trail rides and is great for building confidence with any new rider. 


ΩΩ - Some riding experience is good

Bailey is a ranch favorite!  At 18 yrs old and 15 hands high she is extremely safe yet very energetic.  Bailey is perfect for the confident beginner as well as the advanced rider.  When not on the trails Bailey can be found in the show ring performing everything from English hunter jumpers to dressage to Western pleasure, reining and cattle sorting.  This mare does it all!  If you are planning on taking a riding lesson, Bailey can help you learn almost any equine discipline.


ΩΩΩ - For the more experienced rider

Baron is our gentle giant.  Standing at almost 17 hands high, he is very quiet and kind.  Because of his size, Baron is best ridden by an adult or a strong child.


ΩΩ - Some riding experience is good

Scout is easy going and extremely smooth, he is a perfect horse to learn on.  Scout is a well trained rope horse for those looking to challenge their roping skills.


ΩΩΩΩ - Advanced riders only

Blue is fun, athletic, and energetic.  He is a beautiful 8 yr old quarter horse gelding who can be ridden both English and Western.  He enjoys trails and the arena equally.


ΩΩΩ - For the more experienced rider

Whiskey came to the Bar SZ by way of Utah.  Another team roping horse, Whiskey loves to run.  It's best if you have a lesson before riding this big brown horse and you will have a great time galloping around the ranch.  The ranch hosts' son, Colton, won All Around Cowboy 8 and under just recently riding Whiskey.


Ω - Suitable for everyone

Lucky loves being ridden and anyone who can sit up straight can ride him.  He is absolutely bombproof and has taught all the kids on the ranch to ride.  Lucky has had a few close calls in life, but he has more lives than a black cat.  At 30 years of age, Lucky is slowing down a bit.  You'll love this little sorrel with a big white blaze and an even bigger heart!


ΩΩΩΩ - Advanced riders only

This 14 year old Appaloosa gelding is athletic and energetic.  He is best suited for those who can handle his spirit.  When properly handled he enjoys both the arena and the trails.


ΩΩΩ - For the more experienced rider

Dewey is a tall rope horse that left his long career to join us out here on the ranch for retirement.  He is energetic and very willing to take his rider out on the trail or to work the cattle.


ΩΩΩ - For the more experienced rider

Don't let this girl's age fool you!  Mattie is a retired barrel racing horse.  She was VERY fast when she was younger and even won money as a professional.  At 28 years old this beautiful bay horse can still move.  Mattie is very responsive and is perfect for the more advanced rider.


Ω - Suitable for everyone

Paloma is our gorgeous Palomino mare.  Everyone looks great on her and she is perfect for kids because she is so mellow.  Paloma has lived on the Bar SZ for quite some time and at age 17 she knows her way around the ranch.


Ω - Suitable for everyone

Sadie is Mattie's best friend.  She is 35 years old, a sorrel, and has two white socks and a fuzzy coat.  Sadie loves kids and is perfect for the rider who needs a boost of confidence.  Sadie is very slow and quite mellow and together you will enjoy the scenery.


Ω - Suitable for everyone

T.C. is short for Thunder Cloud and this big white rope horse is about the size of one!  T.C. is 16.2 hands.  He's 28 years old and you need to be under 140 lbs to ride him.  T.C. loves to go!


No horseshoes

Willie is our baby horse who loves being with people.  This year Willie will learn to carry a saddle, but mostly he will be found out in the pasture spending his time growing and maturing.


Ω - Suitable for everyone

Midnight is a 32 year old black Chincoteague Island pony.  These ponies must swim a mile and a half to get off their island.  Midnight loves to ride in English rigging.  He can be spunky at times, but knows how to take care of his riders.  Midnight is great with kids and perfect for taking a jumping lesson.


Ω - Suitable for everyone

Nemo is an orange and white paint pony.  He is only 4 years old, but has made a name for himself around the ranch because he gives such great pony rides.  This little guy got his name because when he is out in the tall pastures you need to look close to find him...finding Nemo.