Wrangler Camps and Internships

The Bar SZ Family Is Passionate About Providing A Unique And Life-Building Opportunity For Kids Of All Ages Who Demonstrate An Eager Spirit To Learn And Grow Both Personally And Professionally.


Live the country lifestyle while learning the ropes of a ranch

We are excited to announce our 2017 Junior Wrangler Camp for kids.  We will be dividing our camps into a few different categories and will customize the learning experience based on the age of the group. 

2017 Camp Schedule

Camp Details:
- Monday through Thursday, 4 full days
- Drop-off Monday at 9am, pick-up Thursday at 4pm
- Horse performance and potluck for parents at pick-up
- Meals are provided
- $400/wrangler, siblings are $300 (25% off)

Camp #1: July 17th-20th
- Ages 8-13
- Will accept up to 2 CITs

Camp #2: July 24th-27th
- Ages 13+

Sign-up today for a spot this summer, our Registration Form provides detailed instructions.  The Wrangler Camp Itinerary is now available in order to get a better idea of what your ranch-hands will be doing.  Our Bar SZ Menu is also available for your review, let us know of any dietary issues you may be concerned about.  We look forward to hosting another successful summer of junior wrangler camps! 


Intermediate to Advanced Wranglers

Our older kids will be learning more advances skills: ranch management, riding horses while gathering cattle, rodeo activities including cattle sorting and team penning, doctoring both horses and cattle, how to manage a cow herd (ear tag, brand and vaccinate), how to care for goats and sheep (feeding, trimming hooves, vaccinating, and worming), the general basics of land management and rotational grazing, how to manage fencing and water across the whole ranch, as well as the basics of how hay is grown and harvested.  The end goal is for our Junior Wranglers to have the skills necessary to get real jobs working with animals.

Wranglers who are just beginning

The younger kids will be learning similar things as described above but activities and general concepts will be tailored to their age level.  The experience will be hands-on and full participation.

Councilors in Training

We will be developing advanced teaching lessons in older kids that parallels the Junior Wrangler Camp.  Wranglers in this category should be nearing the end of high school, very responsible, hard-working, and patient.

Bar SZ Intern Program

Every summer we invite about 4 adult wranglers to intern on the ranch.  We would love for our Junior Wrangler Camp and CIT Program to be a feeder for this exciting summer opportunity.

We are looking for mature adults who are interested in learning about real life on a ranch.  The Bar SZ provides a well-rounded experience which includes: learning how to teach riding lessons, learning how to train horses, many aspects of ranch management, and most importantly...personal growth.

If you think this is the opportunity for you, we'd love to hear from you.


Contact us today with questions and inquiries