team Building in the Country

You rely on your team to perform. No, you demand they perform.

They work hard for you. They are a team, your team, and you work hard for them. Sometimes you fight like cats and dogs. Sometimes they make you so angry you could spit. But when it comes down to brass tacks, you have their backs and they have yours.

Whether you are working on a project, need team building exercises, or just want to reward everyone for a job well done, the Bar SZ is the perfect place for you corporate retreat. You will feel the same creative energy and inspiration world renowned artist Thomas Kinkade felt the first time he set eyes on the ranch. Imagine holding your brainstorming session in his Art Studio with breathtaking views of the Diablo Mountains. No outside distractions, just inspiration.


Try moving cows together. It takes skill to maneuver your horse, your cows, and your team members to get everyone moving in the same direction. Everyone must be working in harmony. If not you'll see cows going off in every direction. Need even more team building? Have your team do meal prep together. The kitchen is a wonderful place for creativity and teamwork. If they can't work together here, nobody eats.

The Bar SZ can accommodate your company's team for just about any occasion. Whether it's a brainstorming session for six or a company retreat for thirty six you will find the atmosphere at the ranch is a great reward for the people who build your company.


Arrange for your team to go shooting, horseback riding, practice archery, learn to rope, collect chicken eggs, feed and groom the animals, hiking, and more.  And when the sun goes down enjoy time around the BBQ, campfire, and pool table discussing the day's events or the big project coming up. You are going to need your team to stick together, build the glue at the Bar SZ.

Customize Your Retreat

Rental Option #1 - Plan an all day event for your team.  Arrive in the morning and stay as long as you'd like.  Enjoy all of our ranch activities including horseback riding and shooting for one flat rate.  Only offered M-Th.

Rental Option #2 - Plan two full days and one night for your team.  Only offered M-Th.

Rental Option #3 - Arrive at 3pm, stay for two or more nights, depart at 11am.

Send us your ideas, we'd love to accommodate you! 

Featured Review

Our company's retreat to Bar SZ Ranch was an incredible experience! We played Glow in the Dark Frisbee (Tim joined in on the fun!), spent time with the various barn animals, roped dummy cows, learned archery, and ate s'mores by the campfire. Each activity was thoughtfully set-up before our group arrived, providing a seamless transition of events from start to finish. 

Tim and Michelle are the most gracious and hardworking hosts. They truly made our retreat to Bar SZ memorable for everyone! They were always willing to answer our questions and were super accommodating of our group's differing needs. The team is already talking about going back to Bar SZ! We couldn't have asked for a better country experience. Absolutely amazing! 

Victoria - Palo Alto, CA

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