team Building in the Country

You rely on your team to perform. No, you demand they perform.

They work hard for you.  They are a team, your team, and you work hard for them.  Sometimes you fight like cats and dogs. Sometimes they make you so angry you could spit.  But when it comes down to brass tacks, you have their backs and they have yours.


The Experience

The Bar SZ Ranch is a genuine working family ranch; you can immerse yourself in a lifestyle that we love to share with others.  While onsite you are welcome to feed and groom the animals, collect chicken eggs, go horseback riding, learn to rope, practice archery, take a hayride, go skeet and target shooting, explore the creek, hike the vista, play games, BBQ over oak, sit around the campfire, roast s’mores, soak in the stars, learn to line dance, and more.

It’s a great place to slow down life just for a second and relax.
— Kyle

The Animals

We have goats, two types of chickens, sheep, horses, ponies, donkeys, pigs, cats, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, and one great white Pyrenees named Faith who protects our animals.  You are welcome to feed, pet, and play with all of them during your stay.

We got up early to help feed and groom the farm animals (pigs, horses, goats, sheep) and felt like we were part of the family. They made us feel so welcomed and taught us all about what it takes to maintain a farm.
— Kayla

Nighttime Entertainment

In the evenings we offer music at Doc's Bar, a campfire, pool hall, darts, a poker room, lawn games, line dancing, outdoor movies, ping pong, corn hole, and more.  You are welcome to BBQ your dinner over a Santa Maria style oak grill and bring s'mores for dessert.

As a coordinator that works venues all over the Bay Area it’s always a pleasure to find one that has a staff with a well oiled machine that is dependable and fun to work along side of.
— Jamie

Meetings and Eatings

Although we encourage all play and no work we understand if your team needs to meet while onsite.  You will feel the same creative energy and inspiration world renowned artist Thomas Kinkade felt the first time he set eyes on the ranch. Imagine holding your brainstorming session in his Art Studio with breathtaking views of the Diablo Mountains. No outside distractions, just inspiration.  This is also a great place to gather for meals unless you prefer to eat outside at our picnic tables.  We have a projector, screen, wifi and extra tables and chairs available.

The hosts make you feel at home, especially the kids! Who tips their hat these days? Well, these wonderful gentleman do!
— Katelyn


We have three houses and two canvas cottages which sleep up to 41 guests in individual beds, groups of smaller sizes are also welcome.  You can mix and match the houses based on the size of your group, tent camping is an option when overflow is needed.

Art House.jpg

Art House

Sleep up to 9 guests in individual beds between three bedrooms.  A great place to gather for meetings and eatings inside or out, there is a back deck with a gigantic oak tree and beautiful views.  We have additional tables and chairs if needed.

Ranch House.jpg

Ranch House

Sleep up to 9 guests in individual beds between three bedrooms.  This house is centrally located, set in a horse pasture, and is close to the barn and common area.  Dark blinds are available if you're looking for a place to host meetings with digital media presentations. 



Sleep up to 7 guests in individual beds between three bedrooms.  This house is located close to the Art House and is often paired for sleeping overflow, it's also central to the campground and the common area.  There is a large front deck with a beautiful view of our mountain range.

071617 BAR SZ RANCH WEB 0 9sm.jpg

Cowboy Village

Sleep up to 16 guests in individual beds between two large cottages, there are 12 twin beds and 4 double beds.  The tents are tall and spacious and the beds come with linens.  These are located in our campground and close to the common area.  Potties and showers are provided and are a short walk away.


Customize Your Retreat

You are welcome to play all day and bond with your team through the many activities we offer.

Rental Option #1 - Plan an all day event for your team.  Arrive in the morning and stay as long as you'd like.  Enjoy all of our ranch activities including horseback riding and shooting for one flat rate.  Offered M-Th.

Rental Option #2 - Plan two full days and one night for your team.  Offered M-Th.

Rental Option #3 - Arrive at 3pm, stay for 2+ nights, depart at 11am.

Send us your ideas, we'd love to accommodate you! 

I attended my wife’s company retreat at the ranch and all I can say is that is is AMAZING!! The ranch staff are fantastic and the views and houses are as well. Highly recommended for a getaway.
— Joshua

skeet 1sm.jpg

Featured Review

Our company's retreat to Bar SZ Ranch was an incredible experience!  We played Glow in the Dark Frisbee (Tim joined in on the fun!), spent time with the various barn animals, roped dummy cows, learned archery, and ate s'mores by the campfire.

The onsite staff are the most gracious hosts, they truly made our retreat to Bar SZ memorable for everyone!  They were always willing to answer our questions and were super accommodating of our group's differing needs.  The team is already talking about going back to Bar SZ!  We couldn't have asked for a better country experience.  Absolutely amazing! 

Victoria - Palo Alto, CA


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