Is there a minimum night stay? Whether you are renting a house or the whole ranch, we request a minimum of 2 nights stay.

We aren’t sure of the exact head count right now, can we reserve a house and finalize the numbers later?  Yes, please secure your reservation with a best-guess and we will finalize the bill as your dates get closer. 

We’d like to get 2 houses close together, do you have a map of how the ranch is laid out?  Bar SZ Ranch Map

What is your refund policy if we aren’t able to make it after booking a stay?  Wedding deposits are non-refundable.  Standard reservations may receive a 90% refund if cancellation occurs more than 45 days out, if within 45 days no refund will be offered.  Our policy is firm.

We’d really like to come stay but it seems you are all booked up.  Any suggestions?  Our weekends book up far in advance, but our weekdays are much easier to reserve.  Take a few days away from your hectic schedule and we’ll make your weekday visit just as fun.

What types of payment do you accept while on the ranch?  We currently accept cash and all credit cards.

What types of activities should we plan for?  Enjoy horseback riding, roping, hayrides, skeet and trap shooting, archery, animal feeding and grooming, egg collecting, seasonal creek walking, outdoor movies, and hiking.  And when the sun goes down, relax as a rancher would with a BBQ, bonfire, and epic star gazing.

Which services cost extra while staying at the ranch?  Horseback riding, shooting, and oak BBQs cost extra and must be booked in advance, all other ranch activities are included.

Is there a minimum age for horseback riding?  Kids under the age of 6 may sit on a pony and be led around the arena by an adult.  Kids who are 6 and older will be allowed out on the trail.  Adjustments can be made to this policy based on experience.

If we plan on shooting, do we bring our own guns?  Our shooting range includes skeet shooting, trap shooting, target shooting, guns, and ammo.  If you would like you are also welcome to bring your own supplies.  Kids 8 and over will be allowed to shoot, kids under 8 can us the BB gun and practice their archery.

Is food provided?  You are expected to bring your own food and drinks (we have fresh water), all houses are stocked with standard kitchen utilities and a personal outdoor BBQ.  If you have booked a large party please bring your own cooking utilities of appropriate size, in addition to paper plates and utensils.

Can we bring scooters and bikes for the kids?  You are more than welcome to bring bikes, but scooters don’t really work on our soft dirt.  There are service roads you can ride on, miles and miles of open trails, and light mountain biking.  Helmets are required for kids under the age of 16.

Is everything within walking distance?  Yes, once you arrive and park your vehicle you may join our lifestyle as walking people.

Do we need to bring our own firewood?  Each night upon request there will be a community campfire provided with firewood and seating.  What we do recommend you bring are graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate.  If you'd like a personal fire inside your house please bring your own wood.

Anything specific we should pack?  When horseback riding you need pants and tennis shoes or boots.  Bring attire for hiking and clothes that can get dirty.  Feel free to fully immerse yourself in the lifestyle of country living and dress accordingly.  The temperature can drop considerably at night and we love to be outdoors so bring layers.  Other important items: hat, sunscreen, water bottle, flashlights, glow sticks, etc.

What type of animals do you have?  Although the list can vary seasonally, we may have goats, turkeys, ducks, rabbits,  horses, cows, pigs, sheep, cats, dogs, and chickens.

What other services do you offer?  We love to accommodate weddings, photoshoots, company retreats, equestrian events, and family reunions.  If you have another suggestion for how you might like to use the ranch please contact us as we are open to additional ideas.

Are you wheelchair accessible?  Although the main grounds are fairly flat, our houses are not considered wheelchair accessible.

Would a stroller work around the ranch?  Yes, strollers can get almost anywhere.

We look forward to hosting you!

If we weren’t able to answer your questions please contact us...