Horseback Riding

An important part of the unique country experience

We offer many unique riding experiences as the Bar SZ Ranch.  Our standard ride begins in an enclosed arena where everyone can adjust to their horse and receive personal riding tips.  From there we move out to the beautiful backcountry.  Our horses aren't the typical 'nose to tail' trail horses, they have jobs outside of trail riding and we enjoy teaching each of our guests how to actually ride a horse. 

Michelle Borland is our lead instructor and has been teaching for over 20 years. With an emphasis on confidence building and safety our first priority is to help each guest feel relaxed around horses.  We tailor each session based on the riding level of the group, let our team know what skills you've been working on.  It doesn't matter if you are eight or sixty-­eight, our riding instructors have the expertise to insure you will enjoy your ride.

Meet Michelle and our horses

For the youngsters, we provide special lessons and gymkhana games in order to make it fun for everyone.

Bar SZ Riding Rules

"The door to safety swings on the hinges of common sense." ~Author Unknown

- Please wear close toed shoes and long pants when riding.

- Everyone must sign a release of liability before they may be permitted to ride.

- Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses are suggested.

- Drink plenty of water before you ride, it's not safe to carry water bottles while riding.  There is a place to store personal belongings at the riding arena.

- Do not wear loose flowing clothes, backpacks, purses, loose water bottles, or large cameras.  Anything that blows in the wind can cause a horse to spook.

- In order to ride by themselves or participate in trail rides, children must be able to follow directions, properly steer, and know how to stop a horse.

- Children who cannot ride a horse all by themselves may still ride.

- We recommend that everyone wears a safety helmet while riding.  Helmets that meet the ASTM Equestrian Standard are available to all riders.  Everyone under the age of 18 is required to wear a helmet.

- A safety demonstration will occur before each ride.  Please be on time to your riding appointment so that you do not miss this important information.  ONLY participants who can listen to the safety demonstration and follow directions will be allowed to ride on their own.  Children or participants who are unable to follow directions may be required to have a 'leader' (someone who walks next to the horse to ensure the rider's safety).  Please note that a maximum of two people can be led during a scheduled riding time.

- Safety is our number one concern.  Each rider will learn to ride and guide their horse before any ride begins.  Our instructors will ultimately determine the type of ride that will take place in order to keep everyone safe (some riders may not be allowed to participate in a trail ride, if this happens, we will create a very fun riding experience that takes place in the arena).

- If you would like to take a family or group photo while out on the ride, our guides can assist you with that.  Please do not place phones in your pants pockets while riding (many phones have been lost out on the trail).

- No eating or chewing gum while riding.

- Please wait for instructions before helping with any of the horses, we are concerned about your safety and will make sure that your interactions with our horses are fun and safe.

- We offer many unique riding experiences at the Bar SZ Ranch.  Our standard ride is a trail ride that winds through the back 400 acres of the ranch.  Our horses are not the 'nose to tail' trail horses.  They actually have 'jobs' outside of trail riding and we enjoy teaching each of our riders how to actually ride a 'real horse'.

- We also provide Team Building events using horses (both mounted as well as on the ground) for companies who are looking for bonding activities.