SZ Management Services

Looking to Develop a guest ranch without running a business?  Look no further...


The SZ Management Team specializes in the development and management of agritourism and guest ranches, an industry that is quickly growing.  We know what it takes to build a hospitality business from the ground up and want to share our expertise with others who share a common goal.  Turn your land into an asset today.  We'll do what it takes to deliver guests to your doorstep, you get to design, implement, and host the onsite experience. 

Tourism is changing and we are ahead of the curve.  Travelers are no longer booking vacations based on the destination, they are looking for an experience.  Simply providing accommodations is no longer enough.  And as cities and communities become more dense and populated people are looking to get away from the noise and congestion.  The experience you provide doesn't need to be extravagant or over-the-top, travelers have become very busy and overstimulated and are often looking for an oportunity to relax and reconnect.

Let us know what type of agritourism you'd like to offer and we can discuss the possibilities of a partnership.

In order to work with our team you must...
- own the land that you'd like to operate business on
- be willing to acquire liability insurance in addition to property insurance
- be within a 3hr drive of either the Bay Area or Los Angeles
- be willing to sign a 3yr contract for management services
- offer a unique country experience different then our other Ranchitas
- have accommodations for at least 20 people in beds
- be open for business at least 30% of the time
- maintain a review rating of 4+ stars on all platforms
- have a cancellation rate of less than 3%
- have a portfolio of professional photos covering the property, accommodations, and experience
- you must be willing to update your portfolio of professional photos annually
- you must have a business plan in place prior to getting started

If you choose to join the SZ Management Team we will...
- list your business as a Bar SZ Ranchita on our website connecting you to our network
- directly connect your listing over to your website which will help build online impressions
- create a web of unique country experiences, after visiting one location guests will want to explore others
- do all the backend management while you host guests onsite, this opens up creative energy for a unique experience
- take the same risk as you and be equally invested, we get paid when you get paid


Full-Service Management Package

Web Visibility

We believe your online profile is one of the most important aspects of running a business, every hit a customer receives needs to be positive, professional, and well represented of the experience you offer.  With that philosophy in mind we will create and manage a...
- Custom website
- Yelp review page
- Facebook page
- Google business page
- Google maps profile
- VRBO, Airbnb and Hipcamp listing


We will accept and schedule all bookings while managing your business calendar, you are responsible for keeping onsite availability up-to-date at all times. In addition to securing all bookings we will answer questions and provide the necessary information in order for guests to make a final decision about their stay.


Fast, clear, and efficient communication is a must when building and/or running a successful business.  We will communicate with your guests and be the connection between backend management and onsite operations.  This includes both a phone line as well as email and other online requests.

Business Management

We will manage all the back-end functions of running a business.  This includes creating and implementing policy, deciding how and where to market, updating all online platforms, collecting and reporting of all revenue, working with you to determine pricing and offerings, waivers and lease agreements, etc.


Although we believe that online marketing tools are most efficient we will design and update business cards and one business flyer per year, to be printed at the location of your choice.

Financial & Management Reports

We will provide monthly, quarterly, and annual reports necessary to evaluate past decisions and for projecting business decisions in the future.
- Financial Reports: income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements
- Sales and Marketing Reports: look for strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities
- Operations Reports: where is revenue flowing and where is improvement needed

Not Included

We are not in charge of any onsite tasks including but not limited to cleaning services and providing or managing onsite personnel.

We will not provide a bookkeeper or payroll personnel, you are responsible for hiring an outside third-party source.  This is a safeguard to protect us both, we don't believe you should ever hand over a business and your books to the same company.

We will not book weddings while providing management services, just friends, families, campers, and company events.



Our payment system:
- we charge a flat rate of $1,000/month
- we take 25% of all reservation and onsite fees
- once you reach $20,000/month in revenue our commission thereafter will drop down to 10%
- you get 100% of the cleaning fees
- we require a guaranteed $36,000 in commission fees per year

- we will control the passwords to online accounts, all changes go through us
- we must manage all guest communications including online, email, and phone
- at the end of your contract you may either sign into another contract, cancel all services, or you may purchase all accounts and systems put into place by our management team
- we may cancel on you at anytime if the terms you agree to are not kept up, no materials will be handed over
- all expenses such as the phone line, website, marketing materials, online listings, legal documents, legal representation, property related expenses, professional photos, etc. will not be covered by us
- we will not coordinate with SEO services or hand over your website for SEO access
- all onsite vendors must be properly insured
- insurance documents must be filled out in a timely manner every year with honest and complete answers


Getting Started

The first step is to meet with our management team for a review of your business plan and a site visit.  We will come to your location in order see your accommodations and test-run the experience you offer.  While onsite we will assess the revenue opportunities you have and share our experiences of what it means to be a host.

We very much believe in the philosophy that it takes a village to do anything, and together we are stronger.

We look forward to hearing from you.
The SZ Management Team