Your guidebook to a 2019 wedding at the bar sZ Ranch
please read in full prior to beginning the planning process ~

Step #1

Book Your Reservation

- Pick your desired wedding weekend
- Sign and return your Bar SZ Ranch contract
- Pay a non-refundable wedding deposit of $2,250

Step #2

Let your guests know where they are going

- Our website is very informative and will help your guests prepare for the weekend:
- Packing and planning information for guests staying in the houses:
- Packing and planning information for campers and Cowboy Village:
- GPS doesn't tend to work out in the country, both of the above links provide written directions at the bottom of the page.
- Heels are discouraged around the property; boots, flats or wedges work well.
- We do not provide hook-ups for guests bringing RVs, they may use a hose to fill up their water tank.
- All ranch visits need to be scheduled in advance, we don't permit unannounced visitors.

Step #3


Please do not hire any vendors who aren't properly insured.  We will be collecting proof of insurance from your vendors 30 days prior to the event, only insured vendors will be allowed onsite.  We do not require insurance from wedding planners, photographers, videographers, hair/make-up, or deliveries.

Any vendor who is familiar with the ranch will be much easier to work with, please consider that as a factor when selecting your vendors.  Preferred Vendors

Professional Planner

We require a professional wedding planner or day-of planner.

Licensed Bartender

We require that you hire a person or company who is licensed to serve alcohol during your reception, they must stay until at least 10pm. If you have guests driving offsite on any other night you must also provide a licensed bartender then as well. Safety is very important to us, we won't tolerate excessive drinking or driving under the influence.  Please create safety procedures in advance to keep all of your guests safe.

Step #4

Big picture organization

Location Options
- Oak knoll (generator available, limited load, hay bales included)
- The grove (generator available, limited load)
- Covered riding arena, 80' x 100', both siding and rafters are 15' high, LED ambiance lighting upon request (outlets available)
- Horse barn, 20' x 70', cafe lights (outlets available)
- Doc's bar, cafe lights (limited outlets available)
- Doc's bar deck, 24' x 24', chandelier (limited outlets available)
- The slab, 40' x 100', cafe lights (outlets available)
- Lawn venue, 140' x 145', under cafe lights 90' x 100', we don't allow inflatables or portable dance floors on the lawn, trailers are allowed but must be limited (outlets available)

Art House - Rm#1 king with full bath, Rm#2* king plus twin bunk, Rm#3* queen plus 4 twins, landline: 831.389.4367
Ranch House - Rm#1 king with full bath, Rm#2* king plus twin bunk, Rm#3* queen plus 4 twins, landline: 831.389.4661
Cabin - Rm#1* queen, Rm#2* queen, Rm#3 5 twins with pullout twin plus full bath, landline: 831.389.4377
*Bedrooms with a shared bath

Cowboy Village (Annie Oakley) - 2 full beds, 6 twin beds
Cowboy Village (John Wayne) - 2 full beds, 6 twin beds
Camping - Unlimited
Shower House - The outdoor showers by the barn have hot water and privacy but no electricity

Please let everyone know where they should go upon arrival, this is very important for onsite organization. As you approach the ranch all driveways are on the right-hand side and marked with signs.
Driveway #1 - Campground, Cowboy Village
Driveway #2 - Ranch House, all day guests
Driveway #3 - Cabin
Driveway #4 - Art House

All deliveries should also be assigned a driveway and a specific location.  The ranch is very large and delivery drivers can be quick to unload, if your stuff is dropped in the wrong spot you are responsible for moving the materials.  

- Flat wood wagon with solid top, 4' x 8', move to desired location
- Green carriage, ornamental, great for photos
- Red carriage, ornamental, great for photos
- Although there are many unused props across the street we don't keep inventory and can't guarantee availability
- Hay Bales are 45" long, 22" wide, 22" tall

- Three cocktail tables, located at Doc's Bar, 4' x 4' (may not be moved)
- Two buffet tables, located at Doc's Bar, 3' x 8' (may not be moved)
- One free standing wine barrel, solid (you may move and return at the end of the weekend)
- Nineteen farm tables, each one seats 8 guests, 15 with benches and 4 with chairs, 36"x96" (you may move)

Step #5

Due 30 Days Prior to the event

Activities - Horseback riding, shooting, and the petting zoo must be scheduled in advance.  We will create a google doc where your guests can sign-up and pay for riding and shooting, a minimum of forty activities are required.

Meals - All meals and coffee service need to be scheduled and paid for in advance.  We offer a rancher's brunch on Sunday mornings which must include a late check-out of 1pm.

Communication Tool - A google doc will be emailed to you, all requested information is required.

Insurance - Event insurance must be purchased for your own protection.  We highly recommend that you go through The Event Helper and require: a waiver of subrogation, Bar SZ Ranch named as an additional insured, host liquor, and cover all three days you are onsite.  Instructions  

COIs - We will be collecting COIs from your vendors, if you hire a vendor that doesn't have insurance you will be on the hook for a last minute replacement.

Payment - Once everything has been submitted we will email you an invoice for payment.


Please ask friends and family to refer to our website and direct all questions to you.  We do not permit anyone to drop-by or pop-in unannounced, all visits must be scheduled with adequate notice. 

A division of Responsibilities

The Bar SZ Ranch 
- Hay bales are provided at the oak knoll in a predetermined configuration at no charge, additional seating is permitted but the hay bales don't move.  If you would like hay bales to be delivered anywhere else we will place them in the location of your choice, you are responsible for arranging upon arrival.
- We will point deliveries in the right direction, you are responsible for setting up all materials being dropped off.  You are also responsible for stacking and organizing all items prior to pickup.  Some delivery companies drop everything in one location, be prepared to move items as needed. 
- We have ranch staff onsite in order to manage the: houses, campfires, barn, animal feedings, horseback riding, shooting, trash, and recycling.  All other details need to be covered by your own staff or friends and family. 
- Any expenses accrued throughout the weekend will be added to your tab.
- You are responsible for managing and moving all rented items throughout the weekend.
- We do not manage, coordinate, or direct any part of your wedding.

The Bride and Groom 
- You are responsible for everything else. ;)


Keep an eye on this section for recent changes.


Potties:  We require 1-2 potties per 50 guests regardless of the type of toilet you order.  If you choose flushable toilets and under-book your potties you will run out of flushes and your guests will have nowhere to go to the bathroom.  If you don't order enough potties we have the right to order more and add the cost to your weekend tab.  Only A&G is available to pump your potties in the middle of the weekend if they fill up.  Each stall has a limited number of uses before it will fill up and be out of order, be sure to ask about total flushes for each potty.  Outside guests are not welcome to use the restrooms inside the houses.  
Barn Toilet:  This toilet will be closed during wedding weekends, it backs up easily and can't handle much use.
Power/Water Supply: If your potties/showers require water/electricity we can accommodate them near the barn or shop.  If you'd like to provide potties anywhere else you will need to supply the power and water.
Licensed Bartender:  Your licensed bartender can answer all your questions regarding bar service.  We require this person/company be onsite no later than 5pm and stay until at least 10pm.  Please ask for proof of liquor liability insurance prior to hiring.  It takes at least two people behind the bar to serve your guests while also stocking and cleaning.
Alcohol:  We allow you to bring all your own alcohol for the weekend, our only limitation is that during the reception a licensed person is in charge of pouring and distributing the drinks until 10pm.  We will not tolerate underage drinking, excessive consumption, or drinking and driving.
Catering:  Your caterers should be self-sufficient.  We will give them a space to work with electric hookups, but they need to bring their own serving equipment, coolers, burners, tables, etc.  Please discuss this with your caterer prior to hiring.
Dishes and Dish Washing: We highly recommend that you pay your caterer to provide and wash all dishes and glassware.  If not, you need to hire at least 3 people to be in charge of clearing tables, washing dishes, and cleaning up.  The venue does not provide any dishes, glasses, cups, silverware, serving utensils, pitchers, or cleaning service.  
Refrigerators: Each house has a standard fridge/freezer which is available for you and your guests.  In addition, the Ranch House has an all-fridge in the back pantry (20" deep, 25" wide, 55" tall).  All other fridge/freezers on the ranch are for venue use only, if you are concerned about space please bring additional coolers, we sell ice.
RVs:  RVs need to be self-sufficient and operate without hookups.
Coffee: Don't leave your guests without coffee, it never ends well.  You can add coffee service to your invoice, we will set up a full service coffee bar on the counter of Doc's Bar.
Water: Fresh water will be provided in each of the three houses.  Two coolers are available at Doc's Bar for your use, you are responsible for refilling and providing pitchers and cups.
Wi-Fi: Both the Ranch House and the Art House have a strong wi-fi signal, and although the Cabin is equipped with wi-fi it's not as strong.  There is also wi-fi provided in the common area.
Cell Service: Although there is no cell coverage on the ranch we do have a micro-cell in the common area which works for Verizon and Sprint customers.
Extension Cords: We do not provide these, please bring your own.
Household Items: All items provided inside the houses are NOT to leave the building and be used around the ranch.  If anything gets moved within the house please return it to it's original location.
Dollies: We have two dollies which you are welcome to use.
Ladders: We have an 8' and 15' ladder which you are welcome to use.
Doc's Bar Chalkboard: The chalkboard stays as is and is off limits to guests.
Farm Tables: 15 of our farm tables come with benches and seat up to 120 guests, 4 of our farm tables come with chairs and seat up to 32 guests.
Sunset: A quick google search for Paicines, CA will get you the exact time of sunset during your wedding weekend.  Due to the surrounding mountains we suggest you assume sunset will be about 30 minutes earlier.
Hay Bales: We have enough hay bale seat covers to seat up to 144 guests, 72 seat covers at 2ppl per bale.
PA System: If you rent the PA system you are in charge of moving it from location to location and operating it.  There are four different ports so you can plug in a phone/iPod, a guitar, a microphone, and still have one port left over.  We have a wireless lapel mic, a hand mic, and a cable mic for backup.  If you plan on using it outside of the main ranch be sure to also rent our generator.
Trash: Trash bags and trash cans are provided.  We have three wine barrel trash cans which don't move, we also have plastic trash cans which will be located around the areas used.
Recycling: We do our best to recycle but need your help; we don't sort trash so please use the receptacles appropriately.  Glass means only glass bottles, plastic means only plastic water bottles (not solo cups or plastic food containers), aluminum means only soda and beer cans.

We look forward to hosting your event!