Summer Programs

The Bar SZ Family Is Passionate About Providing A Unique And Life-Building Opportunity For Kids Of All Ages Who Demonstrate An Eager Spirit To Learn And Grow Both Personally And Professionally.


Live the country lifestyle while learning the ropes of a ranch

The Bar SZ summer program is a residential camp for all kids ages 8 to 18. We are so excited to welcome campers into the ranch community which is full of adventure, friendship, and exploration!


2019 Schedule

Cowboy Camp: July 8th-11th
- Drop-off Monday at 9am, pick-up Thursday after dinner
- Open house and potluck for parents at pick-up
- $400/wrangler, 10% sibling discount
- Ages 8-12

Colt Academy: July 15th-18th
- Drop-off Monday at 9am, pick-up Thursday after dinner
- Open house and potluck for parents at pick-up
- $400/wrangler, 10% sibling discount
- Ages 12-16


Bronco Internship
- Drop-off Monday at 9am, pick-up Sunday at 10am
- Must have previously attended camp at Bar SZ
- Active members of 4-H and FFA may also apply with a letter of recommendation from a project leader
- Ages 16+

Bar SZ Internship Stint
- Must be a college student pursuing a career relatable to the ranch lifestyle
- Must have previously attended a camp and internship
- Available April through October
- Minimum commitment, 1 month
- Maximum length of stay, 3 months
- Ages 18+

Over all the experience was amazing and eventful. There was always something to do whether it was feeding the animals or riding the horses or trying to cowboy joust one of the counselors. It was a lot of fun. My favorite part of the week was riding the horses and eating a lot (thanks Debbie!! ) and learning about farm animals and how they work and what makes them tick, and also practicing my riding skills and improving them. I would totally recommend going to a camp at the Bar SZ Ranch.
— Natalie, Jr Wrangler Intern
My son can’t wait to go back next summer! He enjoyed all the animals, but Pomegranate, the cat, was his favorite. He also had a blast playing with the chickens. He made many new friends and everything was very well organized. Colton is a very kind and polite young host that helped everyone feel welcome. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. And the best part for momma, no video games!
— Andrea, proud parent of a Jr Wrangler Camper

Levels of Development

At the Bar SZ Ranch we believe in getting out into the country and experiencing the wilderness and animals in a new and exciting way without the distraction of technology. We believe in building friendships through shared experiences, encouraging character by challenging and supporting our campers, and just having some good old fashioned fun together. We work hard and play hard every single day!

Each summer builds on the previous summer’s experience, with challenges and activities increasing as a camper returns year after year. There’s something new to do every summer at each camp! Campers will continue developing their horsemanship and practical wilderness skills each year, as well as growing in their leadership skills and depth of character. Each term is built to provide campers with the best week of their summer!

Cowboy Camp, ages 8-12

Participants will still be exposed through new lessons to early concepts covering: the care and feeding of all farm animals, basic veterinary care, sheering, branding, building fires, building of farm shelters, archery, shooting (BBs), washing of animals, and roping. When interacting with horses; we have a new curriculum where each one of our participants will work toward earning a level 1 Certified Horsemanship Youth Certificate! There will be lessons surrounding how to safely catch, groom, and tack up a horse; how to  mount/dismount a horse, steering and stopping a horse, how to safely balance on a horse, and in riding horses (both in the arena and on the trail). There will also be lessons in the early concepts of horse training and round penning. All kids will take turns participating in meal prep and clean up.

Our first year of AG Olympics was a huge hit and we will continue this tradition, competitive activities include: poop scooping, building a bridal, hay bale relay races, cow-pie throwing (redneck discus), egg toss, goat and pig races, and more.

Fun Activities include: hayrides, swimming in the water hole, country slip-n-slide in the sprinklers, whip cream fights, s'mores around the campfire, and more.

The end goal is for our wranglers to have the fundamentals necessary to move up to our Junior Wrangler Internship program, the more years they attend the better prepared they will be.

Junior Wrangler Internship, Ages 12-16

Participants will be exposed to early concepts covering: ranch management, rodeo activities, doctoring horses, caring for goats and sheep (feeding, trimming hooves, vaccinating, and worming), general basics of land management and rotational grazing, and management of fencing and water across the whole ranch.

Participants in the Junior Wrangler Internship Program will take their horsemanship and animal husbandry skills to a much higher level. Due to the multifaceted nature of our ranch, the skills taught can be broken down as such:

Equine experience: The Bar SZ Ranch runs all of their horse programs according to the standards set forth by the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA). This means that internship participants will actively learn what it takes to be a certified equine barn manager, while being fully responsible (with supervision) for the care of the ranch horses. The CHA has set standards for horsemanship by which students can learn skills and receive accreditation for those skills. Participants will start with level 1 and can end on a level 4 accreditation standard. These are real life skills that will help participants seek future employment in the equestrian world. 

Animal Husbandry: Along with the equine emphasis of the Junior Wrangler Internship Program, participants will continue to build on their knowledge and skill sets of farm livestock. During the week, participants will provide for the care of goats, sheep, pigs, and poultry. Each day, a different management topic will be covered for each of the livestock species. Livestock management topics will include common diseases and their management, veterinary care, body systems and how they work, as well as rotational grazing and the feeding of livestock. These are very complicated topics and each year, different aspects will be addressed.

Wrangler Internship, Ages 16+

The Wrangler Internship takes all of the skills taught in the Junior Wrangler Camp and Junior Wrangler Internship to a level of application.  As a Junior Wrangler, you will learn more advanced skills pertaining to horses, livestock, and the hospitality aspect of a dude ranch. 

The Bar SZ Ranch uses only Natural Horsemanship techniques when training horses and starting colts under saddle. Students will be able to take a hands on approach while learning horse training and colt starting techniques. Along with these skills, students will learn what is involved in horseback riding and trail riding instruction. Students will learn how to put together a riding lesson plan and learn how to effectively execute that riding lesson. 

Along with the equine aspect of the Internship, students will learn all about the practical skills necessary to run a dude ranch. Participants will be completely hands on while learning how to manage guests, maintain facilities, and facilitate ranch activities.

The end goal is for our Wranglers to have the skills necessary to get a real job working in service, hospitality, and animal care.  We will invite those who are motivated, hardworking, and have a great attitude back to the ranch for a three month Bar SZ Internship.

Bar SZ Internship, ages 18+

When you apply to be a Bar SZ Intern you are adding truly invaluable life skills and experiences to your resume.  With the successful completion of an internship we will provide you with as many job recommendations as you request. 

Participants will benefit from a solid three months of living on the ranch.  Daily, you will be involved with and take responsibility in all aspects of animal care, guest relations, facility maintenance, and ranch activities.  For those with adequate skill level we can provide you with the opportunity to train your "own" horse or to start a colt under saddle. 

We also offer certification as a riding instructor through the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA). Should you desire to become fully certified as a riding instructor, there will be added effort and study required on your part as part of the Internship.  Becoming a certified riding instructor requires quite a bit of practice and skill.  We offer CHA Certification in levels 1 through 3.  We will tailor your Internship according to your desired goals.

In the future our Wrangler Internship program will be a feeder for this exciting summer opportunity which will also be expanded throughout the year.  If you have experience and are looking for a ranch internship, we'd love to hear from you.


 Packing Tips: All wranglers need  to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, sunscreen, hat, cowboy/cowgirl boots with a heel, tennis shoes, jeans (required EVERY DAY while onsite, no jeggings), layers for cooler nights, bathing suit and towel, any medication as noted on their registration form (with written instructions, must be in original packaging), personal toiletries, chapstick (2), and any other pertinent accessories.  Please don't pack an abundance of stuff or tank tops, we like to keep the ranch lifestyle simple and sunburn free.  No electronic devices allowed.  If your wrangler does not bring a pair of boots with a heel they will not be allowed to ride horses.  This is a safety issue and required by CHA certification.


Meet Michelle

our horse trainer, CHA certified instructor, and Animal Science major

Michelle and the Bar SZ Horses

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