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We just spent a magical weekend at Bar SZ Ranch celebrating our daughter’s wedding. The ranch is such a perfect place to have a rustic outdoor wedding...hay bales under a big oak tree for the ceremony, arriving at the ceremony on a hay wagon, horseback riding and skeet shooting, so many animals for everyone (especially the kids) to enjoy, beautiful houses and lots of space for tent camping for all our guests. We were lucky to have a full moon and in the evenings the moon lit up those beautiful hills and fields and it was almost impossible to go inside and sleep because the silence and beauty of the environment was so enchanting. We did not want the weekend to end! Thank you Tim and Michelle, you are wonderful hosts and an inspirational couple!
— Pam
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Rustic Wedding Venue, Bay Area

Between three houses and two canvas cottages we can sleep 50 guests in beds with ample room for RVs, tents, and parking.  Each wedding includes an exclusive three-night reservation for your friends and family.

Hold your ceremony at the Oak Knoll or in the Eucalyptus Grove and arrive either by horseback or on a hay wagon. There is plenty of space for your reception and dancing around Doc’s Bar.  We offer a very popular curfew of 2am.

You and your guests are welcome to feed and groom the animals, collect chicken eggs, go horseback riding, learn to rope, practice archery, take a hayride, go skeet and target shooting, explore the creek, hike the vista, walk a pig, snuggle a chicken, play games, BBQ over oak, sit around the campfire, roast s’mores, soak in the stars, and more.

You may choose the vendors of your choice assuming that they are properly insured. We can host a very large group of over 200 guests as well as small intimate parties of any size.

Bar SZ Weddings offered April through October.


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Tripping.com gave Bar SZ Ranch the number ONE spot in their national search results.  They loved that we are a working ranch with animals and ranch activities being a part of the experience.   You aren't just hosting a wedding, you're hosting a destination country experience for all your friends and family. Publication

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When documenting my clients I focus on making the photographs look organic. I say this because although it is great to capture beautiful candid moments, they don't always happen without a little direction. I am very passionate about my editing, while many photographers outscource their images for editing,  I find it to be a very personal thing that allows me to express myself artisically. Every session is unique and inspiring and it is the very reason that I keep doing what I do. My goal is simply to capture the honesty and rawness of each moment, I think you'll learn a bit about me as well.  You'll probably notice that I'm passionate about emotion.  Light drives my creativity.  I love story telling.  I like to tell the story with a unique perspective.  I've been called cinematic, dramatic, and moody.  I'm pretty sure at least one of those is a compliment, and I promise all of them only refer to my style of photography!!

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Sample Weekend Itinerary


Thursday Arrival - 3pm
Bride and Groom arrive, invite friends and family OR enjoy alone
Quiet evening, settle into the space and relax around a campfire

Enjoy a quiet morning
Deliveries arrive
Friends and family arrive to help with setup and decorations
Afternoon activities - horseback riding, shooting, petting zoo
Ceremony rehearsal
BBQ, campfire, lawn games, poker, pool, ping pong, darts
Curfew at 12am

Coffee and breakfast as Doc’s Bar
Guests arrive throughout the day
Morning activities - horseback riding, shooting, petting zoo
Showers and wedding prep in early afternoon
Ceremony and reception in afternoon and evening
Campfire at Doc’s Bar with music, dancing, beer truck
Curfew at 2am

Sunday Checkout - 11am
Farewell breakfast with friends and family
Clean-up decorations and houses

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What a magical weekend! My husband and I had our wedding at Bar SZ ranch and we couldn’t have asked for a better venue. The Bar SZ staff were extremely helpful and organized in the weeks leading up to our wedding. Bar SZ was very flexible on which caterer we used, which meant that we got to have Indian food catered by Sakoon, complete with a Tandoori oven on site!
— Andi
The venue itself is extremely beautiful — with California rolling hills surrounding the ranch. The groom was swimming down the river until just hours before the ceremony... :-) And we went up on the nearby hill on Friday night to stargaze with all our friends. All the farm animals were amazing as well — we had time set aside on Saturday morning when all the guests could pet and feed the animals: day-old kittens, cute little bunnies, and a stubborn pig that tried to eat our badminton net.

Everyone glows when they talk about our weekend wedding at Bar SZ. THANK YOU for creating memories of a lifetime!
— Andi
So highly recommend Bar SZ Ranch as a wedding venue and here’s why; as a wedding planner it is vital to work with venues that are focused on our shared client’s happiness. Not only was the team at Bar SZ Ranch equally focused on making our client’s happy, they were extremely great to work with by having positive attitudes and being solution oriented to any questions that came up.

If you are a wedding couple looking for a ranch venue you will not find a more perfect location with a better team of people.
— Julie Hart Conde
I cannot rave enough about this beautiful venue. My daughter could not have chosen a better place for friends and family to celebrate her special day. Her wedding in the barn was breathtaking! We spent 4 days on the ranch, Tim and Michelle are the finest hosts who do an amazing job sharing their home and their lifestyle. I left feeling like I had new friends. My only regret is not slipping one of those goats in my truck on my way out! May God continue to Bless both of you, your family and your business.
— Shanna
Just had my daughter’s wedding here, one word described the whole experience..MAGICAL.
I highly recommend this place for weddings, for the setting was just absolutely breathtaking.
— Semara
I think it’s safe to say this is the single best wedding venue in California. Consider the reasons:

- It’s gorgeous. It’s just you and nature, with 660 acres of golden hills, which make for an epic backdrop during your wedding.

- It’s remote. That means you can party all night and no one will care.

- The ranch staff work so hard while just being the nicest, warmest people in the process. We can’t thank you all enough for allowing us to celebrate our special day on your magnificent property. And thank you all so much for being so welcoming and warm. They are truly wonderful people!

- It’s good value. Renting the ranch for your wedding means you get the entire property for the whole weekend, plus ample space for other guests to camp.

- Most importantly, you have freedom. We ultimately chose the ranch because they allowed us to create the wedding we wanted: a party in the middle of a field that lasted until 2 a.m. So many other venues we considered had countless rules about where we could go, what vendors we had to use, when we could be there, etc. Bar SZ Ranch has very little of that. The ranch is your canvas from when you arrive on Friday to when you leave on Sunday, enabling you to create your very own wedding weekend.

We are so thankful we chose Bar SZ Ranch and highly recommend it for any other couple looking to create a memorable, laid back wedding.
— Jack & Sonia
This ranch is awesome! They have a shooting range, archery, horseback riding and a ton of animals to play with! Their accommodations are wonderful and the family that owns the ranch is great. Such a perfect place to vacation.
— Shannon
Our wedding was magical because we had the freedom to make it our own. The houses were perfect for all of my out of town guests and the Art House was the perfect bridal suite (especially if you have children). I will always keep Bar SZ Ranch close to my heart. I find myself drifting away, daydreaming of this place. I can’t say anything negative, it’s more then I hoped it to be. Thanks for being genuinely great people, I truly hope to come back every year to celebrate our anniversary.
— Kimberly
One of the best wedding experiences I’ve ever had. I was so lucky to be a bridesmaid at Bar SZ because we, with the bride, all rode up to walk down the aisle by horseback! It was such a unique experience, and I really connected with my horse, Madi. I would have been happy to ride her all weekend. The venue itself is just spectacular. Open mountain ranges, there was nothing but us and the night sky for miles and miles, and the open bbq pit just made the perfect tri-tip and sausage.
— Crystal
Beautiful surroundings and lovely people at the Ranch! Just spent a wonderful weekend here with family and now I’m trying to find any excuse to go back! Tim and Michelle are sweet people and so was everyone else working there. I could just imagine what a wedding here would look like, it’s truly a great place to spend some quality time with those you love!

Will be back and for sure it’s on the top of my list for recommendations!
— Jessica
If you’re looking for a wedding venue that is unique, stunning, customizable, relaxing, and welcoming, we highly recommend checking out Bar SZ Ranch.
— Garrett

♥ In Loving memory of leland lyter ♥

I can’t say enough amazing things about Bar SZ Ranch. We were there for my sister’s wedding and it was beautiful!! Every single detail was perfect. The scenery was breathtaking. The houses were beautiful and fully stocked. This was probably our favorite vacation ever! My kids didn’t say they were bored ONCE (and that never ever happens). We got to shoot guns, ride horses, hike, relax, go on hay rides, play with and snuggle the sweetest animals, and get to know some amazing people. Michelle and her staff even got my 6 year old back on a horse for the first time since being bucked off in the fall...something I wasn’t sure would ever happen. I can’t say enough great things about this place. We cannot WAIT to come back.
— Lauren
Bar SZ Ranch is simply wonderful. It is close to the Bay Area but you feel completely removed from everything that you want to leave behind.
— Nicholas
My husband and I had the most amazing wedding all thanks to Bar SZ Ranch. Everyone at the ranch made planning and the actual day so enjoyable for us and our guests. Our pictures are incredible and our friends and family raved about the venue. I don’t have a bad word to say about these wonderful people and this gorgeous place. Thank you so much!
— Megan
The list of how amazing the ranch and the people on it are can go on forever. What I want to help readers understand is that this wasn’t just a wedding, but an entire experience you and your guests can enjoy and cherish for life - even if no one is getting married! Between the views, the people, the activities, the hospitable mentality, and the overall happy vibes, this is a magical place to visit or host an event. We are still having our friends (many of whom work for catering companies within the Napa Valley, who work spectacular weddings every weekend), tell us that ours was by far the best wedding they have ever seen or attended. That was not just the amount of hard work we put in - it was the ranch itself.

Lastly, as both a Gay and Interracial couple with guests of all types, we found that everyone felt not only welcomed by the Ranch staff, but were treated as if they were family. This is by far what means most to us. These are good people who will do everything they can to help you enjoy what they have to offer. These 5 stars aren’t even enough to convey how wonderful this place is.
— Amanda
The ranch is gorgeous in its simplicity. Everything is clean, neat, uncomplicated, practical, and warm. The spaces have soul, and the views are simply breathtaking. The abundance of kitties, kids, and bunnies didn’t hurt either.
— Miriam
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The ranch is absolutely beautiful and run very well. I can’t wait for pictures after the wedding, going to be some gorgeous scenic backgrounds for sure.
— Angie
In short, baby goats. They’re adorable. Bar SZ Ranch is like a petting zoo on steroids: there are goats, sheep, horses, mules, ducks, turkeys, chickens, cats, dogs, and probably more I’m forgetting. But those goats. So cute.
— Edward
Bar SZ Ranch is an amazing place. It’s not just a place to stay for the night, it’s a whole experience. Tim and Michelle and their kids are awesome people, and awesome hosts who create a sort of magical yet completely natural and genuine experience. A visit here feels very much like staying on a very nice friend’s ranch. Can’t say enough good things about the place, the experience, and the people. We’ll definitely be back.
— Gniewko, Airbnb Review
Talk about a complete experience, as soon as you get here you feel as if you are one of their own. The staff onsite makes everyone feel as if they are not strangers. Ten stars for hospitality for sure!

It is a good feeling especially during feeding time and the animals are ready to start their day. To see each animal and see heir habits is a great experience. I personally enjoyed seeing the show pigs and had no clue those types of pigs existed.

I was able to step into someone else’s shoes for a weekend and and I enjoyed every minute and moment.
— Ryel
Such a wonderful place. A terrific Western experience of nature, animals, rest, fun activities, awesome staff, great food, peace, lovely accommodations, and comfortable community. Five stars for sure! 12 on a scale of one to ten! Cannot wait to go back!
— Garth
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