Horse boarding and training in California

The place for happy horses

Bar SZ Ranch’s spacious pastures, paddocks, and barns give horses a place to experience life the way they were made to. Here, your horse's health and happiness are the top priority.

Welcome to Bar SZ Ranch, where horses can be horses

We provide the best in professional care and a beautiful property for your horse to live happily and safely. With over 30 years of experience training and tending to horses and 30 acres for them to roam within our 2,200-acre property, you can be confident the Bar SZ Ranch is a place your horse will be happy to call home.

Our owners, trainers, and managers live on site.

Photo of two horses touching noses in a pasture

We offer:

Photo of Sarah and her horse Scooter

"Moving my horse to the Bar SZ Ranch was the best decision I could have made!"


Boarding options

Horse boarding availability is limited, as we strive to give each horse the best in care, safety, and security. We'll never allow overcrowding in any area of the facility. Included in board is high-quality orchard grass or alfalfa hay, fed twice daily.

A horse running through a pasture


Our pasture areas range from 2-7 acres, some with natural shade trees and others with shelters.
Grooming once per week with fly spray.
All pastures are secured with pipe fencing.
Not available for vacation boarding as we strive to keep our long term herds stable.
A photo of a horse in a paddock


Our spacious covered paddocks provide horses with the ability to see and touch neighbors.
Turnout daily in our large turnouts.
Grooming once per week with fly spray.

Our fully covered mare motel paddocks are 20’x16’.
Photo of the Bar SZ Ranch horse stalls


Includes shavings and daily turnout in one of our large turnouts.
Full care options also available.

Our fully enclosed barn stalls are 12’x12’.

Meet the Bar SZ Equestrian team

Photo of Michelle Borland, Barn Manager of the Bar SZ Ranch

Barn Manager and Head Trainer

Michelle Borland

Michelle has been working with horses for over 30 years. She began riding at six years old and became an assistant riding instructor at thirteen. She became a head riding instructor at 17. She rode horses in both 4-H and the United States Pony Club and was fortunate to train with many professionals in English and Western riding.

She attended both Clemson University and Cal Poly SLO where she showed horses and earned her degree in Animal Science with graduate work in Agricultural Education. While in college, Michelle worked for a resort leading trail rides, giving arena lessons to both kids and adults, and overseeing the care of both ranch and boarded horses. After college, she worked for 12 years as a veterinary technician. She was also certified through the Equine Growth and Learning Association (EGALA) where she worked as an Equine Specialist in therapy sessions with at-risk youth and families.

Michelle earned a level four Master Instructor Certification in both English and Western riding through the Certified Horsemanship Association. She is qualified to improve the performance of advanced riders and their horses in jumping, dressage, reining, and other performance events.

Most recently, Michelle has been managing the barn at the Bar SZ Ranch where she oversees the care and training of guest trail riding horses. She also enjoys hosting clinics where she teaches guests, students, and 4-H members all about horses and other ranch animals. Additionally, Michelle oversees the care of all boarded horses at the facility.

Keeping horses safe and comfortable is work Michelle and her team take very seriously.


Dr. Charles Tobias, DVM and Dr. Amy McBirney, DVM

We have used Dr. Tobias and his team for the past twelve years and love the way they have cared for our horses and ranch animals. He and his colleague Dr. Amy McBirney are available for ranch calls or in-office visits.


Brody Sans and Hill's Farrier Service

Our farriers provide our horses with superior customized hoof care. Kind and courteous, they're always on time and extremely professional.

Do you picture your horse living here?

It’s a mighty fine home if we do say so ourselves. Let’s talk shop and see what we can do for you!

Board your horse

Learn about horse care with the Bar SZ Ranch team

We have answers.

Will there be a contract or agreement?

Yes. We'll be sure to discuss the boarding agreement with you to make sure we know how to best meet your expectations in caring for your horse. We'll read it together before we sign.

How will you care for my pasture horse in the first few days?

We can provide an optional 1-3 day introductory period in which your horse will be housed, fed, and watered in an area adjacent to the pasture where they'll be boarding. Many owners have found it to be a helpful step for introducing their horse to the new herd.

What will the ongoing care of my horse look like?

We use a web and app-based program called BarnManager. This program allows you to see up-to-date pictures of your horse, farrier record, veterinary records, exercise records, feed/supplement records, and grooming records. We conduct thorough observations of each horse at feeding times to ensure we're aware of the health of each horse on a daily basis. We'll contact you immediately if we notice any health concerns or problems.

How can I stay up-to-date on my horse's care?

We use a web and app-based program called BarnManager. This program allows you to see up-to-date pictures and your horse's records, including farrier, veterinary, exercise, feed/supplements, and grooming.

What kind of healthcare can you provide?

Our staff is equipped to handle small injuries such as small bumps, cuts, wounds, abrasions, and swelling. We'll contact you and discuss any care we recommend providing to your horse. A veterinarian will be consulted for any major injuries or other health concerns.

Can I visit anytime I want?

Yes, you are welcome to visit your horse anytime! Because we also host events like weddings and corporate retreats, certain common areas of the ranch may be closed to cars and visitors for photography, corporate retreat, or ceremony. If you give us a heads-up, we will let you know which areas to avoid during your visit.

Do the owners/managers/trainers live on site?

Yes, we sure do!
Still have questions?
Give us a holler.
A photo of happy horses eating grass at Bar SZ Ranch
A photo of Ashley with her horse

“I boarded my horse with Michelle Borland for five years and this included time that I was away for college and did not see my horse for weeks at a time. I always felt comfortable leaving as I knew my horse would be treated as one of her own. He was always in fantastic condition while under her care—she kept an eye on his weight and was able to catch even the slightest sign that he might be losing weight and adjust proactively. I wouldn’t hesitate to leave any horse in her care as I have seen first hand her expertise and the attention she gives the horses under her care.”

Photo of Sarah and her horse Scooter

"When I needed to find long-term retirement boarding for my horse, Scooter, the Bar SZ Ranch was the sanctuary I had dreamed of for her! Over the years, they've cared for Scooter’s maintenance and health needs with love and compassion.

Scooter is happy at the ranch where she shares a large pasture with the buddies she made. Tim and Michelle Borland have always been welcoming to me and my family when we come to visit Scooter. Communication has also been exceptional! The Borlands often share photos and updates to keep me aware of Scooter’s health and wellbeing. When medical needs come up, they are clearly and timely shared so that we can make the appropriate decision."

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