A photo of the Borland family, owners of the Bar SZ Ranch, located just east of Pinnacles National Park in California. They're all sitting on horses.

Our family after our recent vow renewal ceremony.

About us

We’re the Borlands.

We’ve built the Bar SZ Ranch brand with our kids, Kailey, Colton, and Maddi, over the last seven years while running a hospitality business together. Working as a family has given us perspective about living intentionally, and we hope to inspire others to treat strangers like family, put others first, and forge a lasting legacy.

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Bar SZ Ranch Update

We're uprooting

We’ve called the same land home for the last twelve years, and now we’re in the process of transitioning the Bar SZ Ranch to a new location. In the meantime, you can find us on YouTube, where we host educational videos about horsemanship, animal care, line dancing, and more.

A photo of a rooster singing his morning wake up call.

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Photo of TIm Borland passing hay over a fence to a hungry horse.
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