Getaway To The Country

Nestled in the majestic hills of San Benito County

You know it feels great to really get away from it all.  But, where can you go?  Come discover the Bar SZ Ranch. 
Located 2.5hrs south of San Francisco, just a few miles from the Pinnacles National Park east entrance. 


A Real Working Ranch

The Bar SZ Ranch is a genuine working family ranch

Guests are welcome to feed and groom the animals, collect chicken eggs, go horseback riding, learn to rope, practice archery, take a hayride, go skeet and target shooting, explore the creek, hike the vista, play games, BBQ over oak, sit around the campfire, roast s’mores, soak in the stars, learn to line dance, and more.


Warning: Adults at play

A dude ranch for all ages

We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything, than when we are at play.
— Charles E. Shaefer

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When booking a stay you may choose one of our three houses, one of our two glamping cottages, or a camping spot in the campground.  Individual families and small groups are welcome to share one house, or you may book multiple accommodations if you have a larger group.  We can sleep up to 50 guests in beds with additional space for camping.  Everyone onsite is offered the same unique country experience with access to all activities.

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Featured Review

If you are looking a plush and relaxing vacation, go to the Ritz. If you want to ride horses, climb boulders, milk a goat, chase a chicken, line dance, BBQ, watch movies under the stars, shoot lots of guns (safely!), walk a pig, play with cats and bunnies, have a campfire, do archery, feed chickens, brush horses, and tons more, this is your place! My adult children were so sad we had to leave. 

When we were planning our reunion we looked up 'dude ranches'.  They were soooo expensive for such a large group.  This is a terrific alternative - close to the Bay Area, cost effective, and so much fun.  You will read a lot about Tim and Michelle Borland, all of it is true.  These are genuine people who will do anything for you to have a good experience.  Their 3 children are adorable and so helpful.

We tried to narrow down the one single highlight of the trip - impossible.  But one of the best was the evening trail ride with the horses.  It comes with training by Michelle (a horse training expert) in the riding pavilion followed by a beautiful ride as the sun sets.  Upon returning to the pavilion we were able to get the horses to gallop.

One of the great experiences was in setting up the finances.  They did so much for our trip - from letting us use the really big BBQ, setting up the carnival games for the kids, setting up the archery, that I wondered how much more the add-ons were going to be.  Nothing!  Yes we knew about the shooting and horse expenses, but that is pretty much it - no nickel and diming.  We had such a great experience - thank you Tim and Michelle!

- Steve & Marilyn