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House Rentals

If you have already secured a reservation and you have questions please read our Ranch Info page.


If you're attending a wedding on the ranch please contact the bride and groom with all questions.  The Ranch Info page may be helpful in the meantime.

Cowboy Village, Camping

If you have already secured glamping or camping on the ranch and have questions please read our Camping Info page.


You will lose service on your way out to the ranch, follow our written directions at the bottom of the Ranch Info page.


If you are interested in booking an authentic country getaway please email us the house (or houses) you are interested in, the number of guests in your party, and your preferred dates.  Pictures of our houses and pricing options can be found on our Visit Us page.



If you need further assistance we are here to help.  Due to a high volume of inquiries email is our most efficient form of communication.  Please contact us at Rebekah@BarSZranch.com.


Our office hours are M-F from 8am-2pm, you may call us at 831.201.2593.


We look forward to hosting you!